Clay Roof Tiles

Khaprail Tiles are a kind of clay roof tiles. These have different types, textures, designs and colors. These clay roof tiles terracotta tiles Pakistan are available at affordable prices all over Pakistan. Our valuable customers may get pictures of khaprail roof tiles and also may get the design according to their demand. We would provide the design and pictures.

Clay Floor Tiles

Clay Floor Tiles are available in all over Pakistan. These are in beautiful and lovely designs. Floor Tiles are at very affordable price. We provide these Tiles in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Floor Tiles for shop are also available. These are in very beautiful and lovely colours.

Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles are available in different types at our branches like bricks wall tiles, ceramic wall tiles, clay wall tiles, terracotta wall tiles, concrete wall tiles, facade tiles, cement wall tiles, stone wall tiles, mosaic wall tiles, face tiles and cladding tiles. These all the types are available in elegant and attractive colours. Our valuable customers may visit our office and get the order booked according to their demand. We would provide the tiles according to their choice.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles of beautiful range are available at affordable price at our Branches in Islamabad, Lahore and all over Pakistan. We have Bathroom tiles of high quality in different sizes and charming colours. We manufacture these tiles from pure martial arts in glowing colours. Due to pure martial and colours glaring ,these have water -resistant solutions.

Kitchen Tiles

We provide and make kitchen Tiles of different kinds like kitchen wall tiles, kitchen floor tiles, kitchen clay tiles, kitchen terracotta tiles, kitchen flooring tiles, kitchen face tiles, kitchen mosaic tiles, kitchen bricks tiles, kitchen marble tiles and kitchen stone tiles. These tiles are available in charming and attractive colours and designs. We may provide these tiles to our noble customers according to their demand and choice at a very affordable price in the whole of Pakistan. One may come to our offices and get the order booked in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Our representatives are present in every big city in Pakistan.

Concrete Tiles

We manufacture concrete Tiles of following kinds: Concrete floor Tiles, Concrete Roof Tiles, Concrete Wall Tiles, Concrete Tuff Pavers, Concrete Paver Tiles, Driveway Tiles, Garage Tiles, Paving Tiles and we provide these tiles at very low price to our respected customers in all over Pakistan .One may visit our offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Product Features

Clay or Khaprail Tiles Features


100% Natural Clay

We use 100% Natural Clay material for producing tile products for roofing tiles, flooring tiles and wall tiles which preserve pure natural qualities of the clay in all of our tiling products.

Breathable, Resistant to Frost

Clay Tiles are most breathable and resistant to frost. They protect your clay roof tiles floor and walls from freezing cool weather in winter and keep the interior warm.

Sustained & Guaranteed

Clay Tiles made from clay or terracotta is most durable and long lasting that it gives sustained and guaranteed performance for many many years.

Heat Retentive, Insulating

Ceramic Roof Tiles, Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles are 100% Heat Retentive and Insulating. They protect your home or office buildings from extreme hot weather.

Pak Clay Tiles Pakistan

High Quality Clay Roof Tiles Terracotta Floor Tiles and Brick Wall Tiles Manufacturers in Pakistan

Clay tiles are made from earth soil, which is fired in an oven after forming into different shapes and sizes. These can be used on any area like kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, verandas, balconies, walkways or entrance halls in homes as well as schools and office buildings. Other areas are those with high levels of human traffic like commercial buildings and market places. They give a rustic floor covering to all.

Terracotta or “clay” ‘fired’ is one of the most basic and oldest building materials that were made. Terracotta Tiles is essentially clay that has been baked in an oven until it becomes hard and semi-glazed. This material is used to make tiles, ceramics, roofing and flooring materials.

As a flooring material, Terracotta Tile had to compete with a variety of alternatives on the market, from ceramics to travertine, but it would be very difficult to find a material that was as “alive” as this one.

Clay floor tiles are generally larger, thicker and more durable than the wall tiles. They come as squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons as well as moors, ogee and other shapes. The tiles are available in glazed or unglazed. Unglazed tiles are less slippery and wear is less easy as the paint spreads throughout the tile.

Clay tile solves some common floor problems. It’s durable, easy-care and you do not have to worry about inhaling all these toxic vinyl vapors. Compared to other natural floor coverings such as wood, cork, bamboo and linoleum, it is a real added value. Here are the most common types of tiles available.

Clay Tiles also called as Khaprail Tiles

Clay Tiles Lahore Clay Tiles Pakistan are made by extruding clay into molds and then firing. Terracotta Tiles Lahore Clay roof tiles in Pakistan, also known as khaprail tiles, available as glazed or unglazed, you can get natural tone colors in yellow, brown or red. Tough, heat and water resistant quarry tiles make for a really hard and ideal floor space. These are made in different sizes and shapes.

Clay Tiles for Floors and Walls

These tiles are often earthy colors, but they also come in other colors. You do not need a seal. The tile material is very refined clay fire at more than 2000 degrees F. The product is very dense and very hard.

Glazed Clay Roof Tiles for Elegant Look and Finish

Usually made of pressed clay, the tiles are different for walls and floors. The wall tiles are often softer and not suitable for floors. Some glazed tiles have a textured or matte finish for better traction and longer wear.

Clay tiles are available in all types, in many shapes, colors and sizes. Choose the right tile for your project and you will get a durable material, easy to maintain and easy to live with. The installation of clay tiles is also a great task which should be got done by professional installers who do this with special tools. Ceramic flooring is easier than many tile projects because it requires relatively little trimming work.

Pak Clay Tiles manufacture high quality roofing flooring wall tiles and clay roof tiles in Pakistan provides at best economical rates in tiling industry of Pakistan for customers. Tiles installation services are also provided with the team of most professional installers.

We have displayed all types of tiles at our online tiles shop where customers can order and purchase tiles online at best cheap and affordable rates.

Since 1982, Pak Clay Tiles Pakistan mission is to make the best terracotta brick tiles in Pakistan, Clay Roof Tiles in Pakistan. This quality is achieved through the combination of the best materials, years of craftsmanship and excellence in manufacturing. We use best considered clay material in the world which is processed to the highest manufacturing standards. Pak Clay Tiles Lahore uses better material, crushes smaller particles and burns longer and at higher temperatures than any other competitor to produce best tiling products.

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